What does Counselling look like? 

That depends a lot on you. Sometimes it is meeting in a quiet room to talk through how you are feeling. Sometimes you can’t talk and you just need to cry with someone without being interrupted or asked to stop. Sometimes the words aren't there, so we use different methods of expression, drawing, writing. Sometimes it's screaming and punching or kicking a cushion, or tearing something up.  I take my lead from you - what you want to do - I will do all I can to support you in our sessions together.


There are some things that should always be there, 

Confidentiality and Safety - What you share with me, stays with me. I have very high confidentiality standards which I will explain thoroughly before we start to work together. I am a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and work by the ethical standards they have established. See  http://www.bacp.co.uk for more details.

Non-judgemental Atmosphere - I’m not there to tell you if you are right and wrong, I am there to help you explore your feelings - to look at your emotional response to an uncomfortable or painful situation and explore where that response is coming from, and how it feels. To connect the dots of your different experiences and responses and see what picture we find together, to help you become more aware of the emotional atmosphere you are surrounded by everyday and how you respond to it. Then work on change if you want to.

Honesty - I will be truthful with you about our relationship, about what I see and hear when I am with you, and how I feel when I am with you, although my main focus will be on how you are feeling. I would hope to build trust between us so that we can talk openly and explore your emotions and thoughts together in an environment that feels safe.

Respect and Appreciation of You - You are an amazing human being, you have value and I will do my best to express that to you in our sessions, by valuing the way you see the world and walking beside you as you explore it. By celebrating your successes and acknowledging your reality. Sometimes it is hard to hear, but it is still true. You are precious. 

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